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…That’s precisely what Riverside has done.

Since Tuesday 15th November last week with regard to the continued farce experienced by tenants at Pudding Lane STARC members would like to know when the water supply will be returned to normal? Numerous complaints have been made from various STARC members complaining of low pressure / no water supply and feel they are going around in circles due to the poor Riverside service.

So the tenants at pudding Lane are yet again faced with unparalleled incompetence. We have phoned and phoned asking for this to be rectified but as yet no resolution.

The problem is still unresolved after 7 days  and residents are continuing to call stating they have no water. South East water had already informed Riverside and tenants that the problem was within the block of flats. Calls were made to Riverside through out the week with no result.

Residents have been bathing in one inch of water… the pressure varies wildly. One elderly tenant reports gathering enough water in the kitchen sink to clean herself. In relation to my own family we have very infrequent washing of our very young children. We have been washing our clothes using the pathetic one inch puddle of water in our bath, knowing full well if we try to use the washing machine, it would be  damaged. There have been plenty of occasions when my family have been without water – I have two daughters a two and a seven year old- the whole family sharing the bath (puddle) water.

There appears to be a distinct lack of organisational skills and the inability to maintain records. If they wanted to find out where the pump was situated they only have to do is open the Homeowner information book which states:

“Mains water is distributed thoughout the building by means of a storage tank and booster pump set located in a landlords basement tank room. This provides water to each flat or apartment at a boosted pressure and flow rate ensuring a constant supply.”

Worryingly so, Riverside appears to have no idea as to the lay out of Pudding Lane – although they have had possession since April 2015. Access fobs not supplied to maintenance staff which results with numerous phone calls to various STARC members requesting access to the building – surely maintenance should have access fobs for such occasions involving communal areas, which falls very clearly under this circumstance? Riverside customer service was even asking whether tenants had the key to the basement and on a previous visit it was reported back from a plummer there were no issues with the water! Incidentally the basement is a very dangerous area due to high voltage etc – its even covered by two cameras. On another occasion the STARC secretary had to guide Riverside maintenance/plummer staff to the possible location of the pump – as they had no idea of the lay out of the building. The Plummer stated that its very likely that the water pump is the problem. South East water stated the problem is not related to them as there are no external issues.

Do you think the 5 litre water container that was dropped off by Riverside is enough water to drink and wash with? Is one question STARC members have asked.

Riverside – the ultimate drip?

Not a surprise really as Riverside has no interest maintaining the apartment block. Maidstone Borough Council conducted an initial inspection in July 2016 sighting many improvement requests – NONE of which have been completed!

THIS is just ONE example (the following was sent to Riverside asking them to explain themselves):

One Tenant has tried to have the front door lock repaired for a VERY VERY long time. The tenants have to be careful when opening and exiting as the lock is so faulty it can lock the tenants in the apartment requiring a neighbour to let them out i.e.  the tenant has to put the key through the letter box OUTSIDE the flat for another neighbour to unlock the door from the outside!

This was originally reported to Riverside before 27th July 2016. On the report sent to Olajide Akintelure (Riverside Asset Director) by Phil Jennings Housing and Health Officer for Maidstone Council dated 27th July 2016 requests Riverside to rectify this.

The report states on page 2 of 2 relating to the above stated flat:

“3. The lock to the front door is defective and cannot be easily opened. Replace the lock with a thumb turn lock and leave in good working order on completion”

To date this has not been repaired. Tenant would like to know when this will be repaired as a wait of at least 6 months is totally unacceptable.