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How deep does the rabbit hole go?

After Helen Grant MP contacts Riverside requesting an explanation / response to questions STARC posed, their response was one of no surprise as deciet and misinformation is the name of their game.

Dear Helen Grant,


Firstly I have no problem identifying myself with regards to communications with Riverside, so please feel free to use my name.

Bethany Sidwell has forwarded a letter emailed to you from Stephen Elliott Interim Director of Riverside.

Stephen Elliott has, using euphemistic language, knowingly and deliberately misled you in this email and of which there is irrefutable proof.

He says in this email:

“We have served section 21 Notice seeking possession on the seven roof properties and we offered each household the right to appeal. None of the families have exercised their right to appeal ….”

  • Our letter to Riverside dated 12 April 2016 which was both posted and emailed clearly asks for this Right of Review for all STARC tenants.
  • Stephen Elliott acknowledged he had received this letter and said a response to it would be “forthcoming” in an email dated 15 April 2016
  • Stephen Eliiot finally responded to our 12 April letter on 4 May and failed to address our request for a Right of Review meeting in this response

All of the above are documented and attached and there can be no doubt that Stephen Elliott has deliberately and knowingly attempted to mislead you on the facts of this case.

We have communicated the same to Carol Matthews Chief Executive of the Riverside Group today by letter which also includes advice we have received to show the s21 notices are deficient in law and that Riverside has breached its own corporate policies and procedures in this matter.

The same Stephen Elliott letter contains errors of omission and commission too yet the fact he has misled you is a very grave matter of huge importance and especially as the correspondence unambiguously proves this.

Yours Sincerely



STARC – Social Tenants And Residents Community


Evidence – Stephen Elliott Interim Director Riverside

Quotation from OUR letter to Chris Flynn Chief Executive and a copy was sent to Stephen Elliott Interim Director dated April 12th 2016 (acknowledged by Riverside on the 15 April 2016 at 09:29). We also state that Riverside did not enclose the Right to Review leaflet with second s21 notice:

“I request that the Section 21 Notices issued on 29 March are withdrawn with immediate effect and a good faith meeting takes place between Riverside and STARC and our advising consultant at any mutually agreeable date with 7 days notice either before Friday 29 April or after 11 May 2016.

You inform in enclosures with the original Section 21 Notice dated 27 January 2016 that we have a right to review this decision in accordance with internal Riverside policy and a right to a meeting within 6 weeks, though we note no such enclosures were received with the reissue of S21 Notices dated 29 March 2016. I further request a copy of that policy to be forwarded with your response.”

SO Riverside, you have stated to Helen Grant MP and The Messenger that we did not ask for a Right to Review, and yet we clearly have. The evidence clearly and unequivocally points to Riverside deliberately and knowingly attempting to mislead both Helen Grant  AND the Public via The Messenger!

Riverside also state that they need to move out roof top tenants to conduct the roof repairs which was the basis for the original eviction letter of 27 January 2016 which they withdrew. Riverside then issued a further letter stating that rooftop repairs would go ahead in a letter dated 8 April and indeed these works have started with tenants in situ hence the claim the repairs required tenants to vacate is patently false (bold added).

Repairs to roof

YET another reason why we maintain that the eviction notices from Riverside are both disproportionate and unnecessary.