A TERMINAL cancer patient with months left to live has been left for two weeks with broken central heating by a landlord, his family claims.

Harold Cook, 78, of Recreation Street, has been suffering the cold since December 8 in the home he lives in with his son, his son’s partner and two adopted granddaughters.

Harold moved into the Riverside Housing home with his family after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given months to live, but now his family fear that the cold could ruin his last Christmas.

The social landlord has said temporary heating has been supplied and, after delays securing parts to fix the boiler, repairs will take place this Wednesday.

His son Phil, 49, said: “I do not want my dad’s last Christmas to be spent like this, he is sat in his dressing gown all of the time and even has a cold now.

“It could be a matter of life and death in his condition as a cold could make him more poorly, especially since he also suffers from COPD which makes breathing more difficult and managing with heaters leaves a lot of moisture in the air.

“I think it’s disgusting that he has just been forgotten, fair enough things happen and a couple of days to get it fixed is not a big deal but now this is ridiculous.

“Dad is just doing his best to deal with it but he shouldn’t have to, the rest of us can cope but it’s not fair on him, at his age even if he wasn’t ill it would be horrible to leave him like this.”

Adele Livesey, head of asset management at Riverside, said: “We understand this is a very difficult time for the family, and we are sorry that they are unhappy with our service.

“We provided temporary heaters and have attended twice to fix the boiler since the repair was logged with us.

“On December 8, we discovered new parts were required, which were ordered straight away. On 14 December, upon draining the heating system to fit the parts, it was discovered that more parts were required.

“However, to prevent any future problems, we will completely replace the heating system on Wednesday December 21.

“We have kept the family informed and we are also reviewing their case to help us make sure we provide the best service in future.”