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“Pardon?!” I hear you say!

Remember when STARC discovered ALL of the complaints Riverside Group Ltd received on their Facebook page were deleted…

[UPDATE 5/4/19] We previously posted this article August 29th 2016. The article provides information relating to  comments made on the visitor post section on the Riverside Facebook page. Nearly all comments made there were negative and Riverside deleted all the comments. Since then, Riverside does not allow visitor posts on their Facebook page – 2.5 years later! Are they that afraid of peoples real peoples comments?!

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 The Original article: Riverside received many complaints from around the UK via their “Visitor Posts” section of the Facebook page . So, rather than resolve these many problems Riverside’ attitude is, lets just delete them all, sweep them under the carpet so to speak.

Riverside’  publicity material refers to its tenants as part of the “Riverside Family”.  So, why would any company (let alone a housing association) especially one that has £10-15 billion worth in assets act in such a way? Is it because they would like YOU the public not know the real Riverside and how it conducts itself? Do they have something to hide? Why is there a need to delete such comments; are they really that threatened by real tenants having their say about the lack of service? So, is there a more questionable side of Riverside, one that is a far cry from the glossy marketing material they would have you believe? Such unethical behaviour brings the spot light firmly on Riverside.


Unfortunately for Riverside, Facebook is in the public domain. Even if you delete comments or articles they will resurface elsewhere – nothing is truly deleted. So, don’t take our word for it here is some evidence of REAL tenants making REAL complaints that have been sent to Riverside via their Facebook page:


As you can see from the two images, there are no visitor posts visible – click on image to enlarge
Here are just some of the screen grabs of complaints made on Riverside’ Facebook page by Tenants…