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Riverside Group – Crushing Neighbourhoods

“Screw Shut Windows” issued by Riverside Director

June 16 2017

Riverside Director Olajide Akintelure orders windows in block of flats to be "screwed shut"!

A desperate message from a Riverside tenant

January 2 2017

Riverside ignored STARC stating they didn’t recognise our legally recognised tenants association – so what does a tenant do when Riverside doesn’t recognise them either?

Prestigious Dunning-Kruger Award goes to RIVERSIDE Housing Association

December 22 2016

The most incompetent social landlord in the UK? make your mind up from just three examples of how Riverside have mistreated tenants...


June 27 2016

Letter to Chris Flynn Director South and Central Riverside 12/4/16

June 6 2016

Letter to Chris Flynn Director South and Central Riverside dated 12/4/16 requesting Right to Review - also sent to Stephen Elliott

Reign of Riverside – Jack and his young family

June 4 2016

Reign of Riverside - Jack and his young family. One of many stories of the living nightmare Tenants living under the shadow of Riverside Housing Association - you won't believe what we have been through under the yoke of Riverside Housing Association

Letter to Helen Grant MP

May 21 2016

We have been issued with no fault eviction notices by Riverside Housing Association, the same Riverside Housing Association who now manage your childhood home on the Raffles council estate in Carlisle and the same Riverside your colleagues have chosen to pilot the right to buy policy for housing association tenants…Read More

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