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UPDATE March 30th 2019

You will see there are two images of the Pudding Lane apartment block – the one below dated 4th July 2016 and the one above dated 30th March 2019.

The windows back in 2015 were deemed dangerous – the reason? TWO windows had already fallen out both narrowly missing pedestrians (one fell 27th November 2015 when Riverside owned the property – it hit a vehicle!).

THE SAME WINDOWS REMAIN – A WHOPPING 1219 days – nearly 3.5 years Riverside group have done nothing to replace dangerous windows!

What makes this worse is the fact Riverside was ALREADY AWARE of the problem as a previous window had fallen in 2013!!! So, in affect they have been aware for much longer which makes them even more culpable. STARC has been informed the windows were NEVER designed to be used at the height they have been fitted as the frames are soft wood construction.

DAYS of non repair

SO how does Riverside deal with this? READ ON….

29 Dangerous windows
So, Riverside are aware that the “windows are not safe to open…”. Mark Martin, Olajide Akintelure and Bev Covington were made aware of this (as were other Directors) on and prior to 17th December 2014.  So after 550+ days Riverside’ solution? The letter dated 1 July 2016 by Olajide Akintelure states,
“arrange all windows to be screwed shut”, pardon? I hear you say.  Yes you heard correctly – apparently  the safety of tenants is NOT a priority!
Tenants are in an uproar and in shear dismay – One STARC tenant said “How are we supposed to escape if there is a fire?” and another said, “How are my children going to breath during the summer months?  There isn’t any ventilation!“. What on earth are Riverside thinking? Evidently of themselves and not about the Tenants.
The following quote is from a letter dated 1st July 2016: “PUDDING LANE WINDOWS – IMPORTANT MESSAGE Some of you will know, that we have had some issues with the windows facing the street… These specialists have since carried out surveys and have determined that the windows are not safe to open. As a results, we have commissioned our contracts Beyer Group Plc, to arrange for all windows to be screwed shut [italics added], while we continue to investigate solutions. … we hope you appreciate that this decision has not been taken lightly… You should also avoid opening any of these windows in the meantime”  
Olajide Akintelure

Head of Asset Management, Riverside Housing Association

The following quote is from a letter dated 3rd June 2016: “Problems encountered at Pudding Lane  Upon acquisition of the building we completed a detailed survey and found major problems including design and structural issues, damp and general poor state of repair…”  [Italics added]
Stephen Elliott

Interim Director, Riverside Housing Association